Would you like to deep dive into your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and/or Google Ads?
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Did you know that difficulties with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Ads are the Norm and not the exception?
locate errors and learn the right strategies for your own account
Have you ever wished that someone would straight up look at your various Google accounts and tell you if they are set up correctly or if there is anything that has been missed, is inaccurate or if implemented would increase your revenue? And would you like that person to be polite, professional and know what they are talking about?

You might not have found someone to give you that advice so far, because frankly everyone you spoke to just wanted to sell you a retainer contract. Their "free advice" was really a sales call.

Plus not everyone really knows the tech inside out. A lot of agencies hire me to sort out the tech side for their own agency clients. Of course, there are many more agencies that don't, but I often see that the right advice on the analytics side of things would have given the client better results through the agency.

Analytics can become a bit of a mess pretty quickly though if you don't get the right advice!

The very real likelihood is that you've been given some misinformation about your Google accounts somewhere down the line. And that misinformation is costing you money.

I see it every single day in every single account, so it is very likely that an error in your Google account is costing you money too.
"It's very likely an an error in your Google account is costing you money too"
How much is just one lead or sale worth to you?

Think of that number in your head. Would you be willing to pay the cost of just one lead or sale to have someone spend some time with you to fix a problem or suggest a strategy that can make a lot more sales and leads for you in the future?

You could do a training course, but the best advice is always customised to your unique scenario. You just don't get that from doing a course.

The truth is, if you had the time to pour through your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Google Ads like a private investigator, finding all the little details that might be costing you money and coming up with all the strategies for winning the Google Game, you'd probably be a Google specialist too.

Instead, you're the best in your own game and you win by focusing on and using your own super powers!

Its likely that you don't enjoy wasting money on things that are unmeasured, not working, complicated or just have never been thought through. But... you do care about getting good results from your digital marketing.

You just might not have years of experience looking at Google Ads, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager and so you want it to be less complicated. A specialist can identify the cause of any trouble spots in just a few minutes, whereas without the knowledge it can take a really long time to figure it out!

When I first started in this field it took me ages to identify the cause of problems!

I was always optimistic that it would be easy and it never was. It would sometimes take me twice, even three times as long to identify and solve a problem than I thought it would. I'm sure you don't want to have to go through all that learning yourself when you already have so many things on your TODO list.

To be honest I never found a real "secret" that made it easier, it's just that I've looked at hundreds of Google Accounts now. I've worked with over 100 different clients as a Google Analytics specialist, and more recently a Google Ads specialist. Now I know what to look out for and can see it straight away!

Since I now have this skill I'm on a mission to help other business owners or marketers to identify and fix these problems quickly and inexpensively (and most importantly, to effectively increase their revenue) using Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager.
Meet Petra Manos,
The Google Data Nerd
Look I'm not a fancy-schmancy stage-selling information-marketing super-guru.

If you've seen my videos already I'm not exactly hyped up and jumping all over the place.

Nor am I running a multi-million dollar agency where we run all the marketing campaigns for our clients and take all the credit for their success.

To be honest I'm not even sure that I would want to be All The Things.

But what I am really really good at, and what I have been training my small team to be really really good at, is setting up the Google Marketing Platform (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio amongst others) and using data to increase revenue.
Get answers to your Google questions
Just imagine how much more easily your marketing ideas would flow if you were able to...

1. Find out if everything was set up correctly to start growing your profits in your sleep?

2. Move to cashflow positive digital marketing if its currently costing you more than you earn.

3. Understand how to read all your Google reports.

4. Know which levers you need to pull to start bring in more leads and sales.

5. Learn the secrets to which types of people to target.

6. Track people completing forms and purchasing from you and have the data come through to Google Analytics and Google Ads accurately.

7. Ensure all your Goals are working correctly.

8. Understand which 20% of marketing channels, keywords, ads etc are giving you 80% of all your results.
Wouldn't it be amazing to just get this information delivered to you without having to waste your time and money?
If it enabled you to crack your marketing challenges, you'd be able to...

1. Sell more products and services online because you would not waste all your money on ineffective advertising.

2. Run a more profitable business and with money left over to pay yourself a decent income!

3. Be able to take good care of your family without having to have money pressures.

4. Start a new venture more quickly and without spending your whole piggy bank.

5. Discover profitable new markets you hadn't considered.

6. Get the edge over your competitors.

7. Work less and lead a more enjoyable lifestyle with fewer pressures.
I want You to have this so I put together
This special offer for you!
If you feel your 1-on-1 training, problem solving or strategy session was not worth your time or money then I will return your fee for a full refund, no questions asked.
You will receive a personalised 1-on-1 strategy or training with Petra.

My marketing strategist told me to set my price at $499 for a strategy meeting, but since I'm currently in the process of moving my own marketing online I have set it at $385 (includes GST in Australia) for now.

It won't stay at this price long, because I spend literally HOURS researching and planning your strategy and then writing your report. I often have waiting lists.
What Will You Get When You Take Up This 1-on-1 Business Intensive Today?
A 90-minute personal consultation where you can ask me anything at all about your Google Marketing and Data, plus we'll plan the best strategy for you moving forward.
Here are some examples of what I have helped other clients with in their strategy and training sessions:
  •  Google Ads strategy.
  •  Planning conversion tracking.
  •  Finding out why Goals are not working correctly.
  • Identifying and attributing to digital marketing campaigns
  •  Ecommerce analytics strategy.
  • Tracking users across platforms.
  •  How to read and analyse Google Ads and Google Analytics reports.
  •  Planning custom reporting
    Extra Bonus
    I want you to get good value from your training and strategy session so I will record our session as a video and email it to you to access again whenever you want it.

    My clients have found this to be really useful, and I have received feedback from clients months later thanking me for the video as they were able to review it and solve the problem again next time it cropped up.
    How Long Will This Offer Be Available?
    OK, I know you might want to go away and think about whether to book in or not.

    Since this is a personalised service and not a $7 info product it can look a little more than some of the other offers floating around on the internet. I get that.

    The primary value is the fact that you'll be talking with a real person, not just following some course. And since I know this like the back of my hand you can skip past all the years of learning and get some advice that works.

    I don't know exactly when this service won't be available anymore, but I do know it won't be here forever because there's only one of me and I'm getting enquiries every day.

    What I suggest is if you're serious about using Google to increase your revenue, whether it be Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Tag Manager, just go ahead and book in a strategy session while the offer is open, and then you won't have to worry about it.

    I'm really looking forward to meeting with you.

    To your continued success,

    Petra Manos
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