Would you like more bookings?
get more bookings for your clinic without spending more on ads
Did you know that you can see the original marketing source of your bookings via google analytics? read on if you would like to...
learn how to do this if you use Cliniko
We have put together a service just for Allied Health clinics who use Cliniko as their appointment booking software.

It helps clinics who are frustrated with their marketing because they don’t know which digital marketing campaigns are leading to completed and started bookings.

Our service is a done-for-you analytics, reporting and training package that works alongside Cliniko, so you no don’t need to wonder if you have it set up right. It provides busy Allied Health clinics with the ability to see what is working in their digital marketing (and what is not working) so that they can get better results and save money.

Forget tying yourself up in knots trying to get Google Analytics to tell you which marketing led to your bookings, or just guessing, (urgh!).

We have assembled this once-off analytics setup service to integrate your Google Analytics with Cliniko. It tells you exactly what is and is not working in your digital marketing and helps you to increase your online bookings.
"Petra was instrumental in pulling all our clinic’s web analytics into one easy to read, dynamic report that’s accessible to me at any time, and works with our booking system. This has allowed me to see, at a glance, what marketing initiatives are working, need tweaking, or changing altogether, saving me both time and money. I can’t recommend her services enough."
director, sleepwise clinic
"Your attention to detail is beyond what I had expected. The detail of the data is incredible. The best part though was to learn the profile demographic - which is very different to whom I think I've been trying to target through social."
proprietor, myomasters massage
"Your services have been invaluable as they have allowed us to determine if we’re actually receiving online bookings from some of our marketing channels, being SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and direct online bookings. We are now able to determine if our marketing dollars are being spent wisely and if the information that we’re receiving from our suppliers is correct."
Marketing coordinator, core physiotherapy & pilates
Would you like to know your numbers?
This is an example Management Dashboard which comes with our Next Level service.

Our Full Service includes this dashboard, plus a more detailed multi-page report that is emailed to you every month and can pinpoint exactly the types of people who are most engaged on your website.

You only need to invest in the setup, there are no ongoing costs to receive your dashboard or report.
Click on the image above to learn how to use the dashboard.
Meet Petra Manos,
The Google Data Nerd
Look I'm not a fancy-schmancy stage-selling information-marketing super-guru.

If you've seen my videos already I'm not exactly hyped up and jumping all over the place.

Nor am I running a multi-million dollar agency where we run all the marketing campaigns for our clients and take all the credit for their success.

To be honest I'm not even sure that I would want to be All The Things.

But what I am really really good at, and what I have been training my small team to be really really good at, is setting up the Google Marketing Platform (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio amongst others) and using data to increase revenue.
Do you have any of these questions?
Do you do it all for us? 
Yes! we set it all up for you. Our team sets up your analytics and we let you know as soon as its ready.
Will you link Google Analytics to Cliniko?
While we ask you to do one step inside Cliniko itself, we handle all the rest. We set up Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager in a way that lets you identify the marketing source of your started and completed bookings.
Will it be accurate?
We set up Google Analytics for you to prevent spam, invalid page data and other nasties from getting into your analytics. While we can't help with offline bookings, we can track where your online users came from.
Will this help me with Google Ads?
Yes! Your Google Analytics goals will set up for you so that you can track your booking and started booking conversion rate against different marketing campaigns. Import these goals into Google Ads to make your advertising more effective.
Can I use this with Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media?
We can send "Started Booking" to your Facebook Pixel so that you can make your Facebook Ads more effective. Create an audience of good quality prospects. We also group traffic from Facebook, Instagram and other social media in your Google Analytics so that you can see the results of your social media campaigns.
Will I get reports?
Choose between no report, a dashboard report or a dashboard and detailed reports. Your reports will save you time as they update automatically based on the date range you select. It pulls your bookings numbers from Google Analytics to save you time and effort.
Will I get training?
Pick from a training video or a face-to-face (or Zoom) meeting with Petra.
I want You to have this so I put together
This special offer for you!
We love happy clients. If you feel your analytics setup was not worth your time or money then I will return your fee for a full refund, no questions asked.
Special Offer! Monthly payment plans can now be extended to 24 months if taken alongside a Google Ads service.
Basic setup
99 AUD
For clinics who just want the basics
  • Priced over 10 months for a total of $990
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Cross-domain tracking with Cliniko
  • Facebook pixel
More About Basic Setup
The Basic Setup is for clinics who just want to get the bare minimum working so that they can get the ball rolling with their analytics. They can revisit the reporting side some other time when they’re ready.

The Basic Setup will cover all the technical fundamentals that are required to pair Cliniko with Google Analytics which makes it super easy for you. You can sit back and we’ll just let you know when that valuable data is ready.

This service will also pair your most valuable audiences with Google Ads and Facebook so that you can DIY or instruct your marketing teams to optimise for finding more people similar to your customers.

Because marketing platforms like these now have powerful features inbuilt to automatically adjust the marketing to get more of the audiences you select, this Basic Setup is one of the easiest ways that you can boost ROI from your digital marketing campaigns.
NEXT level
165.83 AUD
Easily see which marketing is working
  • Priced over 12 months for a total of $1990
  • All features in BASIC plus...
  • An interactive analytics dashboard customised for you
  • Track user engagement on your content and track email and telephone clicks throughout your website
  • Total package value if quoted separately would be approximately $2,500.
More About Next Level
Next Level builds from Basic Setup, by adding a Management Dashboard to the mix.

This Management Dashboard builds itself automatically based on the date range you select, and so you can get a really valuable and interactive overview of your digital marketing in action.

We email it out to you on the first of each month and have it set to review the last month, so you don’t even need to change the dates if you don’t want to.

Because the Management Dashboard is already built for you, you don’t need to pay an agency or staff member to compile a report for you each month.

To make it really straightforward we also provide you with a training video, so anyone on your team or who markets on your behalf will be able to use your Management Dashboard.

The most valuable thing is that it lets you strategically allocate your budget towards what is working, because you will be able to clearly see exactly what is resulting in started and completed bookings and what is not.

This feature alone has saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars when they discontinued campaigns that were not working and redirected the funds into the marketing that was working really well. Not to mention the increased number of bookings as a result. Win-win!
full service
249.16 AUD
All the information at your fingertips, plus personalised training
  • Priced over 12 months for a total of $2990
  • All features in NEXT LEVEL plus...
  • A Detailed Management Report and an Audience Engagement Report
  • Form tracking where applicable
  • Personalised training and support
  • Total package value if quoted separately would be approximately $5,000.
More About Full Service
The Full Service is for a clinic who wants to go places fast, by carefully considering what the facts are telling them and then making adjustments to their marketing in order to get more bookings online.

You will get a truly personalised experience and your analytics and reporting will be set up with some customised features that allow you to get the most out of your data. Some of the highlights of this service include:

A highly detailed analytics report that will be automically emailed to you every month, quarter and year so that you can see at a glance what is and what is not working in your online marketing.

The ability to see visually the types of personal characteristics (such as hobbies and shopping habits) of your most engaged audiences so that you can find ways to better connect with your clients on a personal level and target the right kinds of people through your digital marketing. This one feature has returned results of 8X increase in click-through-rates with a highly engaged audience! While this result isn’t guaranteed in every case, it is a powerful feature that can help you to connect with your audience.
The ability to see which ‘Level’ visitors are getting to based on which specific marketing campaign they came through – i.e. did they just visit, or did they start or complete a booking?
The ability to see visually how relevant your different content is, so that you can promote the right kinds of content with content marketing

A side-by-side comparison between your general audience and people who booked so that you can make strategic decisions towards what is getting results for your business.

With the Full Service we don’t leave anything up to chance, so once your data has started collecting and you’re getting results coming through, we will have a thorough training consultation
What Will You Get When You Take Up This Clinic Analytics Package?
A custom setup of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to work with Cliniko. Reporting and Training.
Here are some examples of how this has helped other clinics who use Cliniko:
  • Find out the original marketing source of your customers.
  • Improvement of Google Ads or other advertising results.
  • Choose where to spend your marketing budget.
  • See which blog posts your audience is reading.
  • Find out who your target audience is.
  • Find out your website's conversion rate at each key stage.
    Extra Bonus
    I want you to get good value from your training so I will record our session as a video and email it to you to access again whenever you want it.

    My clients have found this to be really useful, and I have received feedback from clients months later thanking me for the video as they were able to use it again and again.
    PS. Want to add extra tracking or Google Ads management?
    If you want to speed up your results further, we do offer additional services to help you to strategically build your campaigns in line with what your analytics is telling us, in order to save you money and get you more bookings at the same time.

    Custom Data Capture

    Do you have custom data capture requirements? We can take care of this for you and update your detailed reports accordingly. Examples of additional data we can capture includes:

        Which ‘book now’ buttons are your visitors using?
        Capture contact or other lead forms
        Capture newsletter signups
        Capture live chat, social sharing,
        Are visitors viewing your videos?
        If you are selling other products and services outside of cliniko, would you like to track these?

    Google Ads

    Did you know that if Google Ads considers your ad to be highly relevant, it bumps you up to the top of the page and also lowers your cost per click at the same time, essentially magnifying your results?

    Part of our strategy is to use your data to create campaigns that are highly relevant, reducing friction and increasing click through rates and conversions. Would you like to learn more?
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