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about the quantified web
Petra quit her corporate job in defence cybersecurity research to pursue an agency business full-time because she was passionate about using her analytics skills to create systems that would support other businesses.

"I could see analytics was being used all the time in larger businesses, but regular businesses rely on Google Analytics. Frankly, Google Analytics is a complex beast for a business owner or marketing team to understand and to use to its full capacity. I realised that businesses were struggling to find and train staff who could use Google Analytics well. Often it was just ignored, or it became too complicated and hard to understand.

I started developing customised reports that drew from a client's Google Analytics data but actually showed them what they wanted to know for their business!

The results were astounding. We were able to use the data to more easily target the right kinds of visitors who are more likely to become customers, find out what was going right and wrong on the website and in various marketing campaigns, and clients finally had clarity and the ability to manage their digital marketing campaigns."

Our clients are typically product businesses and their agencies who just want to do what they do best. Usually that is the creative work, marketing, inventory management, course creation or sales. The last thing they want to do is be up to their eyeballs in data, conversion tracking codes and trying to get cross-domain tracking to work over an iframe.

If you want to...
  • Take control over your digital marketing
  • See what is and what is not working,
  • Target better prospects who are more likely to buy from you
  •  Deep dive into the nitty gritty of what is and isn't working on your website...
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