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Access this FREE course if you want a professional result without wasting years of your life learning analytics. This course will teach you exactly what to do, why to do it, how to do it, and in what order it needs to be done, to get a professional result every time, guaranteed.
In this self-paced free digital course, you will Learn...
  • ​How Facebook has completely broken your Google Analytics unless you add my custom filter.
  • ​Why your sales are being attributed to paypal.com and as a result you have no idea which campaign those people originally came from.
  • ​How to stop Google Analytics from deleting all of your user data periodically (this will shock you).
  • ​Why your SEO team are secretly so frustrated because of fake pageviews caused by your website talking to itself.
  • ​Why your Google Analytics can easily be hijacked, and how I accidentally did this to my first client!
  • ​Why every account needs goals, but Google Analytics doesn't start with any!
  • ​How to actually see how many people came from each of your social media channels .
  • ​ How to prevent your changes from accidentally deleting all your data (don't skip this one!)
  • ​ Remember, a properly configured Google Analytics account will make you money, because it guides your marketing efforts. Particularly any paid advertising.
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